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Clack Factory Keycaps (a.k.a. Clacks, Clarks, CC's) are highly sought after artisan keycaps. Hand-carved by ClickClack and his Gnomes, each keycap is a specific and unique color. Typical variants include Skulls, Ogres, 420s, WASD Cluster, and Arrow Clusters. The caps are made in one of three stem types: Cherry MX, Topre, and Bucking Spring.


Tri-Color Skulls

Zwei-Color Skulls

Solid Color Skulls






Toast - Bold, simple leaf (shorter leaves)

O'Natural - More realistic leaf (longer leaves)

Sticky – Solid color with engraved leaf

Sticky Icky – The body has one color with an engraved leaf infilled with a different color

Sticky Icky Icky – The body has one color, the engraving has the same color and isn’t infilled. Then the leaf is another color.

Good Times – The body has one color, the engraved infilled outline a second, and the leaf itself a third


1. Green Thumb Green "O' Natural"

2. Green Thumb Green "Toast"

3. Guac Green "Toast"

4. Orangesicle "Toast"

5. Hack Orange "Toast"

6. Hack Orange "O' Natural"

7. Revenge Red "Toast"

8. Octopink "Toast"

9. Octopink "O' Natural"

10. Depth Black "Toast"

Stuff 2

A. Green Thumb Green with Depth Black "Toast"

B. Green Thumb Green with Revenge Red "Toast"

C. Green Thumb Green with Yellow "Toast"

D. Guac Green with Green Thumb Green "O' Natural"

E. Guac Green with Green Thumb Green "Toast"

F. Revenge Red with Yellow "O' Natural"

G. Octopink with Depth Black "Toast"

Stuff 3

F. Sticky Gummyrot (Toast)

G. Sticky Gummyrot (O' Natural)

H. Drunken Leaf

I. Sticky Kurple Push Purple (Toast)

J. Sticky Kurple Push Purple (O' Natural)

K. Sticky Corn (Toast)

L. Sticky Corn (O'Natural)

M. Resurrection

N. Minty Fresh (O' Natural)

O. Pepperminty (Toast)

P. Sticky KoKo Puff

Q. Noct Prophecy

Stuff 4

7. Weedioactive

8. Spirple Murple Chirple Purple

9. Nebulit