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Clack Factory Keycaps (a.k.a. Clacks, Clarks, CC's) are highly sought after artisan keycaps. Hand-carved by ClickClack and his Gnomes, each keycap is a specific and unique color. Typical variants include Skulls, Ogres, 420s, Splats, Birds, Vaders, WASD Clusters, and Arrow Clusters.


Available in MX, Topre, and Buckling Spring (and BMX), Skulls are Clack's most iconic sculpt. Skulls can come in Single Color, Bi-Color, or Tri-Color. Bi-Colors come in two types: a solid color with different colored eyes (Mr. Friday, Eyeland) or have a different face color (Drunken, Enviro). Tri-Color skulls are usually split into three colors, the body havin one color, the face another, and the eyes have a third color (Salute, Miz Kite). Other tri-colors have a body with layered colors (Candy Corn) or mismatched eyes (3D).

Tri-Color Skulls

Zwei-Color Skulls

Solid Color Skulls


Available only in MX, Ogres were released in Oct. 2013 and have since come in a variety of colorways.


Available only in MX. Only two different sculpts have been released as seen below, both of which are highly sought after.


Available only in MX, the Vader is one of Clack's earlier works, of which only a few exist in the colorways below.


Available only in MX, Splats have come in a variety of colors and layouts, including Esc, WASD, and Arrow Keys.


Available only in MX, 420s are Clack's ode to Cannabis. They've been released in a variety of colorways, the text below provides explanation into the various styles.

Toast - Bold, simple leaf (shorter leaves)

O'Natural - More realistic leaf (longer leaves)

Sticky – Solid color with engraved leaf

Sticky Icky – The body has one color with an engraved leaf infilled with a different color

Sticky Icky Icky – The body has one color, the engraving has the same color and isn’t infilled. Then the leaf is another color.

Good Times – The body has one color, the engraved infilled outline a second, and the leaf itself a third

1. Green Thumb Green "O' Natural"
2. Green Thumb Green "Toast"
3. Guac Green
4. Orangesicle
5. Hack Orange
6. Hack Orange
7. Revenge Red
8. Octopink
9. Octopink
10. Depth Black
A. Green Thumb Green with Depth Black
B. Green Thumb Green with Revenge Red
C. Green Thumb Green with Yellow
D. Guac Green with Green Thumb Green
E. Guac Green with Green Thumb Green
F. Revenge Red with Yellow
G. Octopink with Depth Black
F. Sticky Gummyrot
G. Sticky Gummyrot
H. Drunken Leaf
I. Sticky Kurple Push Purple
J. Sticky Kurple Push Purple
K. Sticky Corn
L. Sticky Corn
M. Resurrection
N. Minty Fresh
O. Pepperminty
P. Sticky KoKo Puff
Q. Noct Prophecy
7. Weedioactive
8. Spirple Murple Chirple Purple
9. Nebulit