Cream Cheese and Green

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Cream Cheese and Green (CCnG);topic=33457.0;attach=1001;image
Stole your picture Gimpster!
Group Buy Organizer Tsangan
Keys in Base Kit 90
Manufacturer Signature Plastics
Colors WCK (Cream Cheese) and VBQ (Green)
Keycap Material ABS
Legend Printing Method Doubleshout (2-shot injection molded)
Legends Signature Plastics WYSE
Addon Kits 10Key, Tsangan Kit, ISO mod, Universal space bar
Link to GB Thread

Cream Cheese and Green is a keycap set by GH user Tsangan.

bagged up;topic=29325.0;attach=792;image

looking ridic good;topic=33155.0;attach=425;image

Seitan is coagulated wheat perotin. I can see why this would confuse people used to using it, because while it *is* derived from wheat, it is pretty much pure gluten (protein) and wouldn't carry the same carb threat that other grain products would. It is not a super-processed food anyone could make it in their own kitchen by super-kneading dough until it is extremely rubbery and the starch and bran can be washed out. The texture is about like cheese curds, and it absorbs flavored readily.