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Hi Grant,It's up to you whether you want to post all the cthraeps. It may be best to only post the chapter you intend to read and give a quick recap of the events leading up to this chapter. That way folks won't be confused. If you simply want to e-mail the chapter to everyone and not leave it on the web, then copy and paste it into Mail Subscribers on the Dashboard. A copy will go out to everyone, but it won't save to the website. Cheers,Laurel


Uh, leave the cat alone, isnt it enough you foercd it into the uncomfortable coat and now you are taking her little paws into your huge hands and making it play, you are awfull you know that , someday someone will do an awfull thing to you i just know it, and i do not care if you will suffer cuz it just pisses me of to see peopkle act like this with cats, have some dignity. ._.


な より:気になったのでスペッコ抜粋ttp:// * Battery Type: built-in rechrgaeable Li-on Capacity: 510mAh Stand by time: about 10-15 days Working time on full chrgae: about 90 hours (depending on usage) * Power supply: through USB * Weight: 12.2 ounces (.345 kg)込み入ったことするわけじゃなければノートいらなくなるなマジで…とか言っちゃうと最近過敏に反応する人が多いのでコワいけど