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Elvish Group Buy

Brought to you by [ Matt3o] and [ samwisekoi].
Target Launch Date 14 December 2012 to coincide with the release of The Hobbit

Proposed Keyboard Layouts;topic=35842.0;attach=8483;image
Option 1;topic=35842.0;attach=8485;image
Option 2;topic=35842.0;attach=8491;image
Option 3

Proposed Color Scheme

Option A

White with Dark Green Legends

Option B

Base: White with Dark Green Legends
Mods: Green with Dark Brown Legends
10-key Pad: White with Dark Green Legends
Tilde and Slash Keys: White with Dark Green Legends
Spacebar: White

Legend Set

Option A

Tengwar characters and modifiers as an Elf would lay it out to write in Sindarin (Elvish)

Option B

Tengwar characters with embedded modifiers in placed in phonetic ANSI to write in English (Tenglish)