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The KBC Poker X is a compact (60%) mechanical keyboard made by Vortex. Although it seems to be getting phased out, it has a few advantages over the KBC Pure that replaces it:

  • Uses completely standard key cap sizes so that any tenkeyless key set will work.
  • The arrow keys are intuitively located both on the WASD cluster and on the lower-right modifiers.

It does have a few design problems, though. One is that the function lock on the Esc key (tilde) and on the lower-right nav keys is not reversible while holding Fn. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about this. This is a particular problem when using vi or other cases where tilde is often used.

The other issue is a mechanical one. The PCB is mounted to the case at either end with screws, but there are no screws in the center. This causes the PCB to bow up slightly in the center, giving the keyboard a bouncy feel on the middle keys. Some folks have used a layer of thin foam between the PCB and the case to absorb this flex.

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