Modifications:KBC Poker X:Pure Center Support Modification

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This version of the modification is similar to the Simple Center Support Modification, except that it uses the actual location of the KBC Pure center support. This is useful if an aftermarket Pure chassis is to be used. In order to do this, a diode must be relocated on the Poker PCB.

The standoff in a Pure case will collide one of the pads for D51, which serves the "G" key switch. In order to make use of this stand off, the diode and associated pads and traces need to be removed. I opted to remove both pads and their traces to ensure that the entire surface was flat. At a minimum, the trace needs to be cut near the switch solder pad and the via at the other end of the trace.


I used a pair of calipers to locate the position of the hole. Horizontally, it aligns perfectly with the old trace. Vertically, it aligns just below the center line of the two positioning holes for the "H" and "G" switches. You can see the score mark in the above picture.