Red Alert (Ragnorock)

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Red Alert (Ragnorock/R2)
Group Buy Organizer Ragnorock
Keys in Base Kit 88
Manufacturer Signature Plastics
Colors WFK (White) and RBV (Red)
Keycap Material ABS
Legend Printing Method Doubleshout (2-shot injection molded)
Legends Signature Plastics WYSE
Addon Kits 10Key, Tsangan Kit, ISO mod, White on Red modifier kit, Red on Grey modifier kit
Link to GB Thread

Red Alert (sometimes called Red Alert Round 2) is a keycap set designed by GH user Ragnorock. The color scheme is based on the original Red Alert group buy run by DT and (which other forum? OTD?) but rather than having the custom legends and white-on-red number row, they are printed with SP's WYSE font with additional modifier kits available.

Modifier Kits

Grey modifiers:

Red modifiers:;topic=33544.0;attach=1088;image