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Signature Plastics keycaps are each designated by an "intelligent part number". These part numbers have historically only been used internally, but for the good of the community, we will be helping Signature Plastics externally document their usage and interpretation, so that orders can be more clearly and unambiguously stated by both parties.

This is a demonstration page to show how the information might potentially be displayed. The markup language is the same as wikipedia (as it runs on the same software). Tables, including CSV tab-delimited tables can be expressed as well as larger more graphical elements.

Inventory Part Numbers

Signature Plastics keeps some number of typically blank keycaps in inventory. These keycaps have 6 digit part numbers.

2-Shot Legended Keycaps

Doubleshot keycaps are designated with part numbers by signature plastics in the following way:

  • 14 digit Engineering Part Number (EPU)
  • n-digit legend code

The 14-digit portion of the part number indicates: family type, mount style, external description, internal description, keycap size, row and mount spacing. We then add our color code and a legend number. For example, the Q on your attached picture would have the following part number: 104U0000A12C00*NN/WA- Q838 - Meaning to production: 10(DCS ABS Family), 4U (Cherry MX Mount), 00 (no additional external information), 00 (no additional internal information), A1 (single space key), 2 (row 2), C (center mount), 00 (no mount spacing required), NN/WA - (Black 2nd shot/keycap body and White 1st Shot/legend), Q838 (legend number for the Q 0.187" tall located in the upper left corner of the keycap). We have over 500,000 legends in our legend library and sadly for me they are not cataloged on the computer, so I have no way of providing you this information 'preorder'. It would however, be exponentially helpful if from here on out I gave you our work orders containing these intelligent part number so re-orders or new orders with the same legends are the same - specifically from a legend standpoint.