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Hi Ryan,Thank you very much for all the magic, it was very interesting Actually I lgeogd in in your protowiki, my username is Andreslucena. I really liked the ticket system, tough I missed that you can't add comments to the ticket. I worked as a technician for a few years and I think its pretty important to be possible to add some (like when you fix a Software related incident, its good for you and your coworkers to document the fix); though I think that you should supposed to add them in the Long description, but I think that comments its very easy to implement using the multiple option in Semantic Forms. I also liked the hardware inventory listing, as I'm doing something very similar for my work. But I'm also using the multiple option for some things (like Usernames, so you could add the user, pass and comment). For inserting that kind of data I'm using Semantic Internal Objects (SIO).Finally and returning to the ticketing system, in my website (sharewiki.locolandia.net SPAM :P) I've implemented it, so THANK YOU very much !! For the comments stuff I'm using the Discussion extension, though I think that finally I'll be using the multiple option of Semantic Forms. Bye,Anders