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  | Goleta, CA, USA
  | Goleta, CA, USA
  | Seattle, WA, USA  
  | Seattle, WA, USA  
| New York City, NY, USA
  | Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  | Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  | South Korea
  | South Korea

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On July 19th, 2012, Geekhack user Dorkvader received an unknown keycap in the mail- there was no return address, only a postmark. As the days dragged on, many other users received these keycaps, some multiples, and all were left pondering where they came from. While several users have been quick to incriminate user Mkawa, he has vehemently denied all involvement, and one of the members who received a keycap had never given Mkawa his address. Currently, no one is conclusively sure as to who sent the keycaps- the evidence collected is as follows:


The envelopes that were sent to the many Geekhackers were postmarked from several different locations, leading to speculation that more than one member may have been involved in distribution. These various locations were:

Reno, NV, USA Rosemead, CA, USA Monterey Park, CA, USA Goleta, CA, USA Seattle, WA, USA New York City, NY, USA Richmond, British Columbia, Canada South Korea


The users who received the keys are:

  • Dorkvader
  • Hashbaz
  • Ekw808
  • Glissant
  • WRXChris
  • MagicMeatball
  • aggiejy (TWO?)
  • Taeyoung
  • Gimpster
  • Metafour
  • AKIMbO
  • Reaper
  • Boost
  • mmmty (2?)
  • dante
  • i3oilermaker
  • jpm804
  • Jcrouse
  • sth

as well as two members of the Korean keyboard enthusiast forum KBDMania. It's reasonable to say that none of these members were responsible for distribution. Some members received two keys, which lead to some members suggesting that they were a reward for donating to the GH server costs.


It is speculated that the distributor is a user who has run multiple group buys, or dealt extensively on the classifieds, as no members were contacted for their address. While this allows many users to be ruled out, with the loss of iTrader feedback from the vB days, cross analysis is no longer plausible.