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Brand Line Model Switches Keycaps Confirmed?
Royal Satellite II  ?? Doubleshot No
Royal Satellite III  ?? Doubleshot Yes?
Royal Satellite 4  ?? Blue/Grey Dyesub Yes
Royal Alpha 115  ?? Green/Grey Dyesub Yes
Royal Alpha 620C  ?? Doubleshot No
Royal Alpha 700D Cherry M7 DS Green/White Yes
Royal Beta 220  ?? Black/Grey Dyesub Yes
Royal Beta 8000 ALPS ALPS No
Royal Beta 8100  ?? Doubleshot Yes?
Triumph Adler Gabrielle 110 Amstrad Amstrad Yes
Triumph Adler Gabriele 7007L Cherry MY? Blue Dyesub Yes
Triumph Adler Satellite 510 MX Clear
PBT orange/beige Yes
Triumph Adler Satellite 825 MX Clear
PBT blue/gray Yes
Triumph Adler CompacTA 400  ?? Blue/Grey Dyesub Yes
AEG Olympia  ??  ?? Cherry Compatible <br\> lasered Yes