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'''Please note: this wiki page is constantly changing. Stop back soon to see what's new.'''
When I touched my first mechanical keyboard, I instantly fell in love. This is how keyboards were meant to feel. And boy, did that open a whole world of new things to me. There is so much more to a "simple" keyboard than meets the eye.
I love scoops. If you have never felt them, you should find a way. They are extremely superior to dots or lines. Having your fingers just rest in them is really nice.
== '''Keyboards''' ==
* [http://i.imgur.com/sl4hz.jpg Work - daskeyboard Model S Professional (Cherry MX Blue)] SOLD
* Home PC - CM Storm Trigger (Cherry MX Brown) SOLD
* [http://i.imgur.com/I7D5f.jpg Home Laptop - Cherry G80-8113LUAUS-0 (Cherry MX Brown)] GIVEN AWAY
* [http://geekhack.org/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=19574.0;attach=5475;image Travel(?) - KBT Race (Cherry MX Black with White LED)] SOLD
* [http://imgur.com/a/JFYbk To be completed - KMAC LE - Titanium Winkey] GIVEN AWAY
* Cherry MX3700 (Cherry MX Black)
* Ducky Year of the Dragon (Cherry MX Blue with Blue LED) SOLD
* daskeyboard II (Cherry MX Blue)
* [http://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=33130.msg711291#msg711291 CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid (Cherry MX Green)] SOLD
* Logitech G510 (rubber dome)
* Logitech MX 5500 (rubber dome)
== '''Keycaps''' ==
=== Singles ===
* Escaping guy (backlit) (In use - CM Storm Trigger) GONE
* Hack Orange Topre & MX (CC) TRADED
* Julysicle MX (CC) x2 (In use - daskeyboard/Project board)
* geekhack orange on grey G & H (In use - daskeyboard) GONE
* Mario M & Luigi L (In use - daskeyboard)
* FullMetal Alchemist (set of 3) GONE
* 3D White Topre (CC) TRADED
* Purple Cosmic (NIQMODS) GIVEN AWAY
* Legend of Zelda heart containers (full, half, and empty) (In use - daskeyboard)
* Riddler keys (1 - green on black R4, 1 - black on green R4, 4 - green on black R1, & 4 - black on green R1) (In use - daskeyboard [1 - green on black R1]) GONE
* [http://i.imgur.com/XJBJu.jpg Superhero (boost)]
* Gas Mask (martinyeah) (1 Red/1 Green)
* Punisher #01 (girldc)
* Nyan Cat set (Backspace and 13 number row keys)
* Portal blue and orange on white set GONE
* Jolly Roger GONE
* Red Bow dyesub GONE
* Pink Bow dyesub
* Heart dyesub GONE
* Naruto black on grey and red on black GONE
* Heart Bottle GONE
* Triforce GONE
* Light Crossbones GONE
* Dark Crossbones GONE
* Chickobo GONE
* Look of Disapproval GONE
* Awesome Face GONE
* Phantom Awesome Face GONE
* Geekhack white on orange on black (qwerkeys B series) GIVEN AWAY
=== Sets ===
* Cherry white on black doubleshot & moogle set (In use - daskeyboard)
* Gold on black PBT set GIVEN AWAY
* Red Alert 2.0 with red mods set SOLD
* [http://geekhack.org/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=33121.0;attach=6325;image Fruity Gloss - 2 sets of 6 (NIQMODS)] (In use - daskeyboard)
=== [http://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=19574.msg681303#msg681303 Modifiers] ===
* Portal blue and orange on black x2 (In use - daskeyboard)
* geekhack orange on grey (In use - daskeyboard) GIVEN AWAY
* Center stemmed white on black stepped caps lock key (In use - daskeyboard)
* RGB Mods (aggiejy free grab) (In use - daskeyboard) GIVEN AWAY
* Poker modifiers GONE
* RGBY modifiers (NIQMODS) SOLD
== '''Accessories''' ==
* Logitech MX Revolution mouse
* Logitech G9x mouse
* Leopold wire keypuller
* WASD wire keypuller GIVEN AWAY
* [http://i.imgur.com/5LOi8.jpg MiMiC mini USB cable - Superhero]
* [http://geekhack.org/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=36065.0;attach=6442;image MiMiC mini USB cable - Patriotic/MiMiC micro USB cable - Venom]
* [http://geekhack.org/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=19574.0;attach=5539;image geekhack badges] GIVEN AWAY
* Cherry MX Blue switches
* Cherry MX Blue keychain GIVEN AWAY
* Cherry stabilizers (1 6.25x & 12 2x)
== '''Incoming''' ==
=== Awaiting Shipment ===
* Valentine pink on white with pink mods set TRADED
* Sanctuary keyset (Base, tenkey, & gamer) SOLD
* Hazard keyset GIVEN AWAY
* Poker (Cherry MX Red) SOLD
* Poker Plate GIVEN AWAY
* Titanium Spacebar - OEM, 6.25x, brushed (feng/Hammer) SOLD
* Cherry red Escape key
* Raspberry Swirl (Alessandro) GIVEN AWAY
* MiMiC cable from techkeys SOLD
* Chaos handfilled Cherry key (feng/chaos)
* Mario keys - R3 set, Red R4, Black R4 x2 (feng/chaos) GONE
* Aluminum Spacebar - Red (feng/MKC) GIVEN AWAY
* Darth Vader (girldc)
* WYSE with moogle set SOLD
* Ragnorock Red on Black set
* IBM Model M with Industrial case and blank black keyset (Buckling Spring)
* Buckling Spring items - Blank RGB, Printed RGB, Grey spacebar, Black spacebar, LED overlay
* Grey/Blue custom cable (MiMiC/techkeys) SOLD
* Second chance tsangan kits (RA red, CCnG, Cherry DS) SOLD
* Cherry replica dyesub PBT (black w/ RGB & blue) SOLD
* Cream Cheese and Green base set SOLD
* Phantom WKL ANSI in Red/Black Litster acrylic case
* Dolch set
* Dolch R3 moogle
* Beige R3 moogle
=== In Process ===
* Filco controller
* Gentlemen Set/Like A Sir GONE
== '''Wanted''' (If you have any of these, feel free to PM me) ==
=== Keyboards ===
* Poker w/ Blues ACHIEVED
* Pure w/ Blues (White LED [Possible Blue LED?]) NEVERMIND
* 356mini NEVERMIND
* Filco White Ninja TKL NEVERMIND
* Filco Italian Red TKL (MX Blue?) NEVERMIND
* Ducky Year of the Tiger NEVERMIND
* Phantom PCB & Plate (7bit/Regular/Maybe Others) ACHIEVED
* Realforce NEVERMIND
* Realforce 23UB
* Filco Numpad NEVERMIND
* Filco Fingerpad NEVERMIND
=== Keycaps ===
* '''White on black Cherry doubleshot numberpad keys: asterisk (*/multiply) key, 2x 0 key, and 2x + key (If you have these available, PM me to work something out. [http://geekhack.org/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=19574.0;attach=5539;image Quite in need])''' ACHIEVED
* Ironman (girldc) NEVERMIND
* Candy Corn (CC) ACHIEVED
* Candy Corn Skull (CC) NEVERMIND
* Candy Corn WASD/Arrow (CC) IMPOSSIBRU
* Darth Vader (CC) HMMMM
* Oktoberfest (CC) ACHIEVED
* Skeletor (CC) IMPOSSIBRU
* Octopink WASD/Arrow/Skull (CC) HMMMM
* Robogeek (boost) NEVERMIND
=== Key Sets ===
* Black on Beige/White Cherry Dye Sub & Doubleshot ACHIEVED
* Orange Dolch ACHIEVED
=== Other ===
* ~100 Cherry MX Green or Milk switches ACHIEVED
* Custom springs (not sure what I'm looking for here...) ACHIEVED
* Sticker sheets ACHIEVED
== '''Gone''' ==
* Jack-O-Lantern Topre (CC) TRADED
== '''Project 01 - Rita darling (In Process)''' ==
'''This section is under construction. Check back every once in awhile to see how this progresses.'''
This is a keyboard I'm putting together for someone dear to me. It will be a Patriotic build. As of now, my plans are to find either a Poker or Pure, and modify it to have red, white, and blue LEDs.
* [http://i819.photobucket.com/albums/zz112/georgeap2/IMG_0277.jpg MiMiC mini USB cable - Patriotic]
* [http://imgur.com/a/5B4nO Custom WASDKeyboards keycap set]
* [http://geekhack.org/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=33569.0;attach=6191;image Julysicle (CC)]
== '''Project 02 - KMAC LE (SCRAPPED/GIVEN AWAY)''' ==
This is where I shall keep you updated on how I move along in building my [http://imgur.com/a/JFYbk Titanium Winkey KMAC LE].
Currently, I'm unsure of what kind of switches I want to use, though I do know I want them to be tactile and clicky. I purchased some MX Blue switches, which are a possibility for this. I am thinking I might want to go Green or Milk, though I'm sure sourcing those won't be easy.
There is still a lot of work to be done to just prepare for this. I still need to get soldering equipment and such, as well as continue to get the parts needed together. This project will fall second in line to the above project, so it may take awhile to complete. Check back for progress.
Here is where I stand in my scrounging of parts:
* KMAC LE titanium winkey kit
* Cherry MX Blue switches (possible use)
* Cherry PCB mount stabilizers (I have a spacebar stab coming which I'm hoping is a 6.25x one. Pictures indicate it is.)
== '''Other''' ==
=== Wetshaving ===
I am into wetshaving. Take a look at [http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/User:esoomenona my wetshaving wiki].
===Ripster's Edits===
* [http://i.imgur.com/pU0UP.png HAPPY CAPSLOCK DAY] - Oct 22, 2012
* [http://i.imgur.com/Ky0PK.png CLOUD OF BOOOOOOBBS] - Nov 18, 2012
* (╯°□°)╯︵ /spɹɐoqʎǝʞןɐɔıuɐɥɔǝɯ/ɹ/
* (╯°□°)╯︵ ƃǝǝʞɥɐɔʞ

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