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When I touched my first mechanical keyboard, I instantly fell in love. This is how keyboards are meant to feel. And boy, did that open a whole world of new things to me. There is so much more to a "simple" keyboard than meets the eye.


Work - daskeyboard Model S Professional (Cherry MX Blue)

Home - CM Storm Quickfire Trigger (Cherry MX Red)

Travel(?) - KBT Race w/ white LEDs (Cherry MX Black)


Leopold wire keypuller


Escaping guy (backlit)

Julysicle MX (CC)

geekhack orange on grey G & H

Mario M & Luigi L


Cherry white on black doubleshot & moogle set


Portal blue and orange on black

geekhack orange on grey


Hack Orange MX & Topre (CC)

Jack-O-Lantern Topre (CC)

3D White Topre (CC)

Candy Blue (NIQMODS)

Purple Cosmic (NIQMODS)

Fruity Gloss (NIQMODS) [2 sets of 6]

RGB Mods (aggiejy free grab)

Red Alert 2.0 with red mods set

Gold on black PBT set

Valentine pink on white with pink mods set

Ducky Year of the Dragon

In Process

Poker (Cherry MX Red)

Poker Plate

Filco controller




Filco White TKL



Ironman (girldc)

Candy Corn (CC)

Black on Beige/White Cherry Dye Sub set



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