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Please note this is a work in progress. Better organization and beautification are upcoming.

When I touched my first mechanical keyboard, I instantly fell in love. This is how keyboards were meant to feel. And boy, did that open a whole world of new things to me. There is so much more to a "simple" keyboard than meets the eye.


  • Work - daskeyboard Model S Professional (Cherry MX Blue)
  • Home - CM Storm Quickfire Trigger (Cherry MX Red)
  • Travel(?) - KBT Race (Cherry MX Black with White LED)



  • Escaping guy (backlit)
  • Hack Orange Topre & MX (CC)
  • Julysicle MX (CC)
  • geekhack orange on grey G & H
  • Mario M & Luigi L
  • FullMetal Alchemist (set of 3)


  • Cherry white on black doubleshot & moogle set
  • Gold on black PBT set
  • Red Alert 2.0 with red mods set


  • Portal blue and orange on black
  • geekhack orange on grey
  • Center stemmed white on black stepped caps lock key
  • RGB Mods (aggiejy free grab)
  • Poker modifiers



Awaiting Shipment

  • Jack-O-Lantern Topre (CC)
  • 3D White Topre (CC)
  • Candy Blue (NIQMODS)
  • Purple Cosmic (NIQMODS)
  • Fruity Gloss (NIQMODS) [2 sets of 6]
  • Valentine pink on white with pink mods set
  • Ducky Year of the Dragon (Cherry MX Blue with Blue LED)

In Process

  • Poker (Cherry MX Red)
  • Poker Plate
  • Filco controller



  • KMAC
  • 356mini
  • Filco White TKL
  • HHKB


  • White on black Cherry doubleshot numberpad keys: asterisk (*/multiply) key, 2x 0 key, and 2x + key (If you have these available, PM me to work something out. Quite in need)
  • Ironman (girldc)
  • Candy Corn (CC)
  • Black on Beige/White Cherry Dye Sub set
  • Cream Cheese and Green set



I am into wetshaving. Take a look at my wetshaving wiki.