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Correct Pronunciation: "Root Wyrm" - meaning, root of the great lizard, blah blah.

The Quick Stuff

I wear many hats; blame magnet, software architect, writer and technical journalist. I also manage to find time to game in there somewhere. (Possibly because I write about games.) I've been working in IT for 20 years, and if it's computer, network or storage related I've probably had root, enable or service on it.

The Hardware Goods

  • (2x) IBM Model M of various vintages - daily drivers.
  • (3x) IBM Model M13
  • IBM Model M5-1
  • Unicomp On The Ball
  • (2x) KeyTronic FlexPro
  • Wyse PC286 keyboard + functioning Wyse PC286
  • Focus FK-2001
  • Sun Type4
  • SGI Granite
  • Thermaltake Meka G1
  • NMB OEM "expo486" (SMK clones)
  • CM Storm QuickFire Rapid (MX Blue)