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I discovered Mechanical keyboards on a whim. I read a HackaDay about some guy putting a USB hub inside an IBM Model M, and I knew that I must try the mod... After all the time I've been at GeekHack, I've still not attempted the mod, but instead been having fun with the electronics and engineering aspects of the site.





  • RGBY Set with faux Red Cherry Esc
  • Mario and Luigi Keycaps
  • Graphite Set (Winkey and Winkeyless)
  • White on Black Moogle Kit
  • White on Black 1.5 mods
  • White on Black Cherry DS set G81-1800 set


  • Two Logitech G500 mice (one on family computer, one on my rig)
  • WASD Wire Keypuller
  • Cherry MX Brown switches (20ish)
  • Cherry MX Brown keychain
  • Cherry MX Black switches (100ish)
  • Custom 65g Springs (100)
  • Red and Yellow Switch stickers (120 of each)
  • PH7BIT Plate (Lube Plate)
  • Keyboard Lube (GPL-103 and GPL-205)


Awaiting Shipment

  • Geekhack T-Shirt

In Process

  • Not sure what else.

Wanted(Trades preferred!)PM me!


  • Filco Zero


Red Cherry Esc.

Key Sets

  • Dolch Keyset


Aluminum Case



Acrylic Case

MKCClear V1

MKC Black V2

MKC V3 from Feng (Not yet released... LET ME DREAM!)

Litster's Red/(Angle Shot)

Litster's Blue/(Angle Shot)

(I need a case for my Phantom --> I only need one case)

Project Phantom (In Progress)

I have been collecting parts for my Phantom...

  • PCB- FOUND (In hand)
  • Plate- FOUND (In hand)
  • Switches- FOUND (In hand)
  • Stabilizers- FOUND (In hand)
  • Case- LOOKING
  • Teensy- FOUND (In hand)
  • Stickers- FOUND (In hand)
  • LUBE- FOUND (In hand)
  • Whiskerbox Cable- FOUND (In hand)
  • Diodes- FOUND (Need to pay for them... forgot I needed them -_-)

Project KMAC Mini

I built a KMAC Mini for JCrouse on GeekHack. He was nice enough to allow me to keep some GPL-103 and GPL-205 for my project above, Project Phantom.

Build log: KMAC Mini

Case Type: Aluminum case, integrated red aluminum plate

Keycaps: Dolch double shots

Cabling/Wiring: Blue LEDs under Scroll Lock, Caps Lock and Pause/Break

Other Aesthetics: N/A

Switch and Modification: Vintage Cherry MX Blacks Each individual switch is modified with lubricant (GPL-103 and GPL-205) on the friction points (slider, spring) and yellow stickers applied between the housing.