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The GH60 is a keyboard designed by komar007 following the original idea of Jdcarpe.

Please read GH60 instruction guide to know what to do with all those parts you can order.

Plate Layouts

Layout variants of the upcomming GH60 keyboard:

ANSI Layout

GH60 ANSI 1.50x Mounting Plate Layout / up to xx switches (GH60ANSI)


GH60 ANSI 1.25x Mounting Plate Layout / up to xx switches (GH60ANSIWIN)

ISO Layout

GH60 ISO 1.50x Mounting Plate Layout / up to xx switches (GH60ISO)


GH60 ISO 1.25x Mounting Plate Layout / up to xx switches (GH60ISOWIN)

lysol Layout

GH60 ISO 1.25x Mounting Plate Layout / up to xx switches (GH60LYSOL)


Prices with a ? in the description might change!

Kit Name #pcs Price(USD) Description
GH60 1  ?? GH60 PCB
GH60ANSI 1  ?? mount plate ANSI
GH60ANSIWIN 1  ?? mount plate ANSI with WIN keys
GH60ISO 1  ?? mount plate ISO
GH60ISOWIN 1  ?? mount plate ISO with WIN keys
MXRED 1  ?.?? MX red plate mount switch (0.43 EUR)
MXBLUE 1  ?.? MX blue plate mount switch (0.45 EUR)
MXBROWN 1  ?.? MX brown plate mount switch (0.45 EUR)
MXCLEAR 1  ?.? MX clear plate mount switch (0.43 EUR)
MXBLACK 1  ?.? MX black plate mount switch (0.7 EUR)
MXGREEN 1  ?.? MX green plate mount switch (0.45 EUR)
MXGREY 1  ?.? MX grey plate mount switch (0.45 EUR)
MXDARKGREY 1  ?.? MX darkgrey plate mount switch (0.7 EUR)
MXLOCK 1  ?.? MX lock plate mount switch (0.7 EUR)
MXLOCKPCB 1  ?.? MX lock PCB mount switch (0.7 EUR)
STAB200 1  ?.? Costar 2 units stabiliser
STAB625 1  ?.?? Costar 6.25 units stabiliser
STAB700 1  ? Costar 7 units stabiliser
GH60ANSIREDKIT 1  ??? PCB/ANSI plate/MX red with stabs
GH60ANSICLEARKIT 1  ??? PCB/ANSI plate/MX clear with stabs
GH60ANSIBLACKKIT 1  ??? PCB/ANSI plate/MX black with stabs
GH60ANSIBLUEKIT 1  ??? PCB/ANSI plate/MX blue with stabs
GH60ANSIBROWNKIT 1  ??? PCB/ANSI plate/MX brown with stabs
GH60ANSIGREENKIT 1  ??? PCB/ANSI plate/MX green with stabs
GH60ANSIGREYKIT 1  ??? PCB/ANSI plate/MX grey with stabs
GH60ISOREDKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ISO plate/MX red with stabs
GH60ISOCLEARKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ISO plate/MX clear with stabs
GH60ISOBLACKKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ISO plate/MX black with stabs
GH60ISOBLUEKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ISO plate/MX blue with stabs
GH60ISOBROWNKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ISO plate/MX brown with stabs
GH60ISOGREENKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ISO plate/MX green with stabs
GH60ISOGREYKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ISO plate/MX grey with stabs
GH60ANSIWINREDKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ANSI Win plate/MX red with stabs
GH60ANSIWINCLEARKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ANSI Win plate/MX clear with stabs
GH60ANSIWINBLACKKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ANSI Win plate/MX black with stabs
GH60ANSIWINBLUEKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ANSI Win plate/MX blue with stabs
GH60ANSIWINBROWNKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ANSI Win plate/MX brown with stabs
GH60ANSIWINGREENKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ANSI Win plate/MX green with stabs
GH60ANSIWINGREYKIT 1 ???.? PCB/ANSI Win plate/MX grey with stabs
GH60ISOWINREDKIT 1  ??? PCB/ISO Win plate/MX red with stabs
GH60ISOWINCLEARKIT 1  ??? PCB/ISO Win plate/MX clear with stabs
GH60ISOWINBLACKKIT 1  ??? PCB/ISO Win plate/MX black with stabs
GH60ISOWINBLUEKIT 1  ??? PCB/ISO Win plate/MX blue with stabs
GH60ISOWINBROWNKIT 1  ??? PCB/ISO Win plate/MX brown with stabs
GH60ISOWINGREENKIT 1  ??? PCB/ISO Win plate/MX green with stabs
GH60ISOWINGREYKIT 1  ??? PCB/ISO Win plate/MX grey with stabs
SOLDERING 0 0 Soldering service (must be paid extra)
SHIPUS 1  ??.? Shipping costs within US
SHIPUSCHEAP 1  ? Shipping costs within US for cheapskates
SHIPCA 1  ?? Shipping costs to Canada
SHIPEU 1  ?? Shipping costs within EU (17 EUR)
SHIPDE 1  ? Shipping costs within DE (7 EUR)
SHIPNO 1  ?? Shipping costs to NO, CH (30 EUR)
SHIPIL 1  ?? ? Shipping costs to Israel (36 EUR)
SHIPKO 1  ?? ? Shipping costs to Korea (42 EUR)
SHIPCOMBINED 1 0 Shipping costs combined
SHIPLOCAL 1 0 local pickup
SHIPUNINSURED 1  ? Shipping costs un-insured (<1kg) (7 EUR)
PAYPAL 0 2.9 PayPal fees
PAYPALINT 0 3.9 PayPal fees international
PAYEUR 0 0 EUR bank payment
PAYFREE 0 0 no payment


How do I order?


What kind of switches do you sell?

All are for plate mounting (without the 2 nubs on the underside). The product codes are:

Order-ID Cherry product code

What do I need for a complete keyboard?

  • GH60 PCB including 2 white LEDs
  • GH60* any of the mount-plates (GH60ANSI, GH60ISO, etc.) *OPTIONAL*
  • MX* any of the switches (MXRED, MXCLEAR etc.) For a normal keyboard 65-70 should be sufficient.
  • STAB* For ISO you need 3x STAB200 and for ANSI 4x STAB200, plus STAB625 or STAB700 depending on your space bar.

You can also order complete kits, they contain all you need.

What else would I need?

Not part of this group buy is a soldering iron, cables (to connect the keyboard) and keycaps.

Where do I get the keycaps from?


How do I have to put all parts together?

GH60 instruction guide!

Does it come with a case?